Why Choose Newport Ingredients?

High-quality, natural ingredients

Consistently reliable delivery

We’re proud of our record of fulfilling every client brief smoothly and accurately. When you order Newport Ingredients, you know you’ll receive category-leading finished products delivered to your manufacturing facilities on time, every time.

Diverse Ingredients

Our catalog spans hundreds of unique SKUs. We recommend ingredients that match your brief and create custom ingredients to meet your project aims, such as adapting mouthfeel and enhancing nutrition.

Expert Technical Advice

Our staff can answer questions about shelf life, stability, particle size, organic accreditation, acidity level, extraction process, dietary consideration, or hundreds of other relevant criteria.

Global Experience

We have built strong strategic partnerships with global growers and processors, giving you access to ingredients from every corner of the world.


We hold thousands of items in stock, ensuring constant availability and on-time delivery. Our global network of warehouses maintains supply chain integrity when you need it most.

Our Customers

Newport Ingredients is proud to supply some of the world’s largest food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies in the country.

Join the ranks of satisfied partners.

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