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Paprika Oleoresin

Oleoresin paprika is a natural, oil-soluble extract from Capsicum annuum peppers, perfect for imparting a deep red color and enhancing the flavor of food preparations. This color additive is ideal for food products such as salad dressings, cheese sauces, and meat products. As a color additive paprika oleoresin, it is compliant with applicable food additive regulations and contains capsanthin and capsorubin, providing a rich red pigment. Paprika oleoresins are extracted using vegetable oil and corresponding solvents, ensuring good manufacturing practice with amounts consistent with safety standards.

The oil soluble extract of paprika extract is readily used in various applications, from spice mixtures to poultry feed, offering little or no pungency while adding vibrant color. It is used to color foods and beverages like orange juice and egg yolks, maintaining no more residue than necessary for effectiveness. Color additive mixtures containing oleoresin paprika must adhere to regulations, using only those substances permitted for color principles obtained from Capsicum annum.

Incorporating this food additive can enhance the visual appeal of your culinary creations, making it a versatile ingredient in foods generally. Its readily soluble nature in oils ensures it blends seamlessly, providing consistent results. Enhance your dishes with paprika powder for an added burst of flavor and color. Choose oleoresin paprika for a reliable and vibrant color additive solution.


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